Leading Coconut Exporters in Pollachi

Coconut Exporters in Pollachi

Virgin Coconut oil

From The House Of Leading Coconut Exporters in Pollachi

Organic coconut oil has infinite health benefits, but it is important to make sure that the oil is unrefined virgin coconut oil. Primetrade exports are one of the leading coconut exporters in Pollachi, a town in Tamil Nadu, India. Pollachi, a town popularly known as the 'Coconut Capital' of Tamil Nadu, is a town where coconut exports and coir mills flourish. We supply organic oil that is manually extracted from the meat of fresh coconut cultivated naturally in farms.

The coconut oil we supply is obtained through direct cold-pressed extraction. It has a broad spectrum of uses from cooking to beauty treatments. Purely crushed coconut oil is edible and is heaped with low cholesterol fats that can improve heart health. The antibacterial properties of coconut oil can help protect against potential infections caused by harmful pathogens. Organic coconut oil is also used in beauty and hair products as well as applied topically as a moisturiser. Primetrade being one of the best coconut exporters in Pollachi and India thrive to deliver you the best of all coconut products we supply.


  • Quality Characteristics Colour: water clean
  • Free Fatty Acid: <=0.5 %
  • Peroxide Value: <=3 meq/kg oil
  • Total Plate Count: <10 cfu
  • Odour and Taste: Free from foreign and rancid odour and taste
  • Contaminants
  • Matter volatile at 105oC: 0.2%
  • Iron:(Fe): 5 mg/kg
  • Copper:(Cu): 0.4 mg/kg
  • Lead:(Pb): 0.1 mg/kg
  • Arsenic:(As): 0.1 mg/kg

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+91 9744 991 922